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This was sent to me by Alabama luther Jack Williams.

Hey Jerry, 

This is a story I received from Chuck Hutchison who was recently separated from the U.S.Army. 
At the time Chuck sent me the story, he was stationed at Ft. Benning, Ga

... Chuck and I frequent a guitar builder/repair forum, and the guitar in the story is one Chuck repaired a few years ago..
Hope you enjoy it and Happy New Year!!



Mother was born Erlene Sula Money in 1921.  At that time her father, Bryant Money and mother Lula McCoy Money lived in Henry County, Alabama.  Her father was a blacksmith, and her mother, a schoolteacher.  Times were very hard, the depression was fastly approaching.  Mother’s father soon moved his family of six girls and wife to Columbus, Georgia to work in the cotton mill there.  Mother always said, “Papa would say that was the easiest money he ever made.”
By the time the great depression of 1929 hit, Papa had moved his family to Fortson, Georgia.  Papa was a strong believer of God and Church, and loved Sacred Harp singing, which was a very important part of his family’s lives.
Singing and playing musical instruments became a very important part of those hard times, and it was very routine for all the girls to sing and play on the porch.  They would sing and play under the guidance and teaching of the oldest sister’s husband, Richard Batts who played a style of picking with his fingers, while the girls played in rhythm.  Richard’s style of finger picking back then was known as “Old Black Folks” style picking.  Very hard to play this style on the guitar.
While living in Fortson Georgia, mother turned about 14 years old, and having grown up in size, she went from playing the mandolin, to playing a guitar that her older sister Myrtle had given her.  It was a blonde tiger striped Stella guitar.  She learned to play with the help of Richard and her sisters.  As time went by, Mother and her sisters went on to be known as The Singing Sisters, playing and singing in Church and throughout the neighborhood that good old gospel sound, along with a little country here and there.
Mother married in 1940 and began having her own family, still singing that good old gospel music.  Growing up as a young boy, I can still hear those beautiful songs coming from whichever sisters’ house we would be at that evening.
As a young boy, sometimes I would ask mother, where is that old yellow guitar……and she would say, “Oh, it’s here somewhere, just look for it, you’ll find it.”  Then we would sit on the couch and with that old yellow guitar in my lap, and mother saying, “Put your finger here and hit this string.  That’s a boy, very good.”
When I got older, Mother gave me that old yellow blonde tiger striped guitar.  She said, “It seemed you were the only one that wanted to share its love.”  As I got older, the old Stella had served its purpose, and I moved on to an electric guitar.  The old Stella went back in the closet for several years, only to reappear as “look, I still have Mother’s old yellow guitar.”  And each time the old Stella lost more of it shape, as the old man of time was taking its toll on her.
Many years went by, and Mother didn’t have much time left, and I remembered the old Stella, and knew I must have a picture of mother and her guitar.  Now at the age of 89, she hadn’t seen her old love that she took to school to play for the class and teacher, the neighborhood and in Church all those many years.  She said, “You mean you still have it?” and I said, “Of course I do, I love it too.”  Mother said, “Of course we can take a picture.” “I would love to.” So, I went home and pulled the old Stella from under the bed, only to find a heartbreaking sight.  The old glue had broken down, the body and braces had come apart, and from the tension of the strings, the base of the neck had pushed into and warped the sound hole.  My heart was broken and I was very angry with myself for allowing this to happen.  I could not let Mother see the old Stella like this, the love of her childhood.  I prayed and asked God’s help.  I knew I didn’t have much time to have it repaired.
The Lord answered my prayers, and sent to me Sgt. Hutchison, a gentleman I work with, and through casual conversation found he repaired and built guitars.  I brought the old Stella to him very ashamed of what I had let happen to such a true family heirloom.  Sgt. Hutchison looked her over and said he could fix it, and with my heart and no time to waste I handed over the Stella.
In about two weeks Sgt. Hutchison told me the Stella was ready and the next day he brought her to me.  I could not believe my eyes.  He had not only fully restored the Stella, but he had also made a DVD of the process as it was being done.  What a beautiful job he did.  It looked just like it did when Mother gave it to me some 45 years ago.  Sgt. Hutchison will always be a very special person.  I will always remember his caring touch and love he put into a very special guitar.
Now, with time running out fast, I rushed over to my sister’s, where mother lived.  My sister and I decided with the help of the Lord, mother could handle the excitement, so we went in to show Mother her childhood love and past.
When I raised old Stella up for Mother to see, it was apparent that all those old memories came rushing back very fast, so much so that at first she was overwhelmed with emotion and with a little talk of comfort, the shock of emotion began to turn into pure joy.  She rubbed her hands over every inch of Stella while the emotions and memories took control.  There was no talking from her now, only a casual “Oh my, Oh my.”  We both held old Stella close and shared the special moment.  I will never forget the way she held her sweet blonde tiger striped Stella.  And Stella was showing her class too, as that old yellow guitar and Mother once again held each other close like two sisters that had been lost, never to be together again.  What a sight to see, I thought my heart was going to burst from joy.  As I stood back and let the magic go, I know Mother traveled back to her childhood days of her Mother and Papa and the Singing Sisters loving God and all that gospel glory.
After a few moments, Mother began to tell a story that I had never heard before, about a time back in Fortson, GA, at about the age of 14, while attending Mountain Hill School.  It was back in the time when she and her sisters and her brother-in-law Richard would sit out on the front porch and play and sing.  This was about the time she was given that old blonde tiger striped Stella, she was her hew lifeline to the music she loved.
One of the younger boys from school would come over (Mountain Hill School).  He had not long moved there with his Father and opened a store just across the road in front of the old house where Mother lived.  Mother said the name of the store was the Atkins store.  This little boy would come over to sit and watch and listen, and sometimes he would get so close while trying to play someone was often heard saying, “Back up a little Chester, I can’t play with you so close to me.”  Chester would sit in front of each person as they sang and played, but more often he would rather watch Richard with his fancy finger picking.  Eventually Richard asked Chester, “Do you want to learn to play like this?”  Of course Chester being so young and small could only watch and try everything each one would try to show him.  Mother said if you laid your instrument down just for a moment, Chester would be strumming away when you returned, and with a look of “Just a few more minutes please” on his face.  With the little time they had with Chester the sisters and Richard tried to show him a few chords and he could sing along too.  I’m not sure how long this went on, the singing and playing with Chester but I now know this little boy went on to become “Mr. Guitar”, the one and only Chet Atkins.  I asked Mother, “Do you remember Chester playing the old Stella?”, she said, “Oh yes, if you laid any instrument down, Chester would pick it up and do his best to make some kind of music, but at that time he hadn’t learned very much but he did the best he could, we always said, “That sounds good Chester, you keep that up and one day you’ll be able to play that old blonde tiger striped Stella guitar, you’ll see.”
As time went by, mother eventually lost all of her sister and her brother-in-law Richard.  But, Mother and Chester Atkins were meant to cross paths one more time.  Chet Atkins came back to Mountain Hill School for a final fundraiser to save his old childhood school.  He brought seven guitars, he would play and autograph and give to the children in the audience.  And yes, Mother was there too, remembering those good old days of just being kids and loving music.
As Mr. Atkins ended his concert and was pulling away to make his departure he spotted Mother and gave her a big smile and a big wave as if to say, “Hello, I remember you, an old friend from a long time ago.”
Mr. Atkins passed away not too many years after that historical concert at Mountain Hill School.  It was a very sad time for Mother.  She always kept Chester close in her heart, that little boy that loved music so much.
Mother passed away the other day.  I promised her I would smile for her always.  When my heart gets heavy and my smile begins to fade, I go to the closet for comfort from that old yellow blonde tiger striped Stella.  From the moment I take her down and hold her close, Mother’s hands seem to take hold of mine and I hear, “That’s right, put your finger there and strum this string, very good.  I told you, you could do it.”
That old blonde Stella will stay with me many more years, for I know I will have to call on her again, and with all her love and comfort she gave Mother, I’m sure she still has a smile or two left in her just for me.  I love that old yellow blonde tiger striped Stella, and I know she loves me.
I’ll pass that old Stella down to my kids as I begin to move on, and I’ll tell them, “Take good care of this old striped guitar, there is still a lot of tiger left in her.”

In Memory of Erlene Sula Money Bishop                                                                                                       Love Scott, your Baby Boy

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AMO Guest Blogger: Hi Jerry here is a revised version, you will have ...

AMO Guest Blogger: Hi Jerry here is a revised version, you will have ...: Hi Jerry here is a revised version, you will have to do some line spacing as it was copy/pasted, it would be an honour to have it posted o...

Hi Jerry here is a revised version, you will have to do some line spacing as it was copy/pasted, it would be an honour to have it posted on to your site, thanks very much for this opportunity, this will be great for me as evidence of my college module, Please let me know when you have posted it so I can take a look, kind regards Pete.

Peter Keogh-Music producer

You Tube & Soundcloud review from a musician’s perspective

Anyone interested in social media nowadays should look no further than the likes of you tube and Soundcloud, the difference between the two is that youtube combines both music and video where as souldcloud is solely focused on audio only.

For the more serious musician soundcloud stands out, they both have sharing capabilities which pretty much anyone will want to use if one wants to promote their music via other social networking sites.

Soundcloud in general is more geared towards unsigned bands and artists alike but not solely as there are obviously established bands and artist on there to.

Should a band or artist have visuals to their music video then YouTube is the site for this.
Before YouTube was established in February in 2005 the main music site for musicians was MySpace and although popular at the time it didn’t have the easy sharing options that YouTube and soundcloud has and indeed it was these sites that started the revolution for sharing ones endeavours, to social networking sites such as facebook and twitter to mention a few.

Soundcloud was established a little later in 2007 by Alex Ljung and artist Eric Wahlforss and as sound technicians spotted a gap in the market, they recognized the need for more correspondence between musicians and the need for online collaborations and feedback.
Where soundcloud stand out over you tube is the ability to connect with record labels and as soundcloud has many record labels who have pages on the site, there is a system called drop box which is basically a much easier way of sending demo’s, in short instead of going through the laborious process of posting CD’s and mailing them to countless labels all you have to do should you have an account is simply share the track in question through the drop box of the company you are targeting.

As there two sites took a hold it was MySpace that was left behind and I suspect that people who use MySpace nowadays do it for nothing more than a web page for reference to their band pics and tracks but not so much for the sharing side of things.

So one of the advantages of using YouTube is that it is cheap and easy to upload media data, it also give the user a few thumbnail pictures to review from the uploaded media itself so if the user was not happy with the first frame of the video on view then they have the option of choosing between a few different snapshots of that video to make it more astatically pleasing to the viewer.

Youtube is also excellent for video tutorials on a wide variety of subjects and I myself have on more than one occasion used it for this purpose.
For those who just want to browse music videos and generally browse then there simply isn’t a better place to be than you tube.
Becoming a member is relatively easy to and there is no fuss associated to being a subscriber, speaking of subscribing this is exactly one of the great features of you tube and its is simply just the click on the subscribe tab to keep you up to date with whoever you have subscribed to and indeed you will also have the option of receiving up to date news on progress of who you have subscribed to, of course this works both ways and should someone subscribe you your channel they too will also get updates on any of your recent video uploads.

The soundcloud subscribing option is called following but is basically the same thing and pretty much does the same thing as you tube but obviously just audio only.
Anyway back to YouTube, this has started to spread its wings over the last few years and one of the newest endeavors it is branching into is the gaming console market, the marketing guys at YouTube are doing a great job and have recognized the capacity to expand into this vast market, indeed the gaming market has for the last 5 years outstripped the revenue earned from the film industry so as such YouTube now have their browser on both the Play station and Xbox 360 Consoles.
For self prompting and marketing one’s own media projects you tube is by far the best platform to go about this and has the capacity of reaching a worldwide audience, it should be noted that you tube has made stars from relatively unknown people from musicians, artists and comedians alike with some getting hits in excess of 50 million views.
Another advantage from YouTube is the ability to earn money from advertising revenue, you tube has been quick to recognize this and for the last few years has been offering the subscriber the option of earning through this method by placing adds onto the subscribers videos, obviously the more hits you get the more money can be earned, I daren’t say this amount could be substantial if you were to get a couple of million hits to your video.

As of yet soundcloud offers no earning capacity in the sense of earning through advertising but I suspect they too will latch on to the idea at some point, I think at the present time the soundcloud guys want to stay solely focused on music being from musical themselves, but who knows what the future holds with regard to this aspect or earnings through advertising.
As of all sites one has to be aware there is the capacity for offending material, should a child have unregulated access this could be a problem but this should more be focused towards the parent to regulate what the child sees and for them to make sure they don’t let underage children browse through their profiles but instead set one up for them and thus YouTube themselves will sensor material depending on what age the subscriber is.
If one is sensitive to copywrite issues then this is where one of the biggest cons with youtube can be, obviously you tube stipulates copywrite laws that every subscribes has to sign up to but this will not stop dishonest people from ripping videos for their own use so it is strongly recommended that any material uploaded be already copywrited beforehand.
It also has to be said that if you yourself use copywrited material and re-upload that same material from the source your account could likely be suspended or even permanently banned from infringement of copywrite laws, you may even be prosecuted, certain companies security code their videos such as the BBC and it is these type of media that will be recognized by you tube and flagged straight away or over the coming days.
Although YouTube is massively popular there are a few alternative Video hosting sites such as Vimeo and a few more I could mention but these remain relatively small in comparison and offer less than its more established big brother.

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Joseph Beggs On His Music Career

I am an Evangelist singer/songwriter from Northern Ireland. My song  writing skills started after I had taken my guitar to the Ukraine for mission work 12 years ago. Whilst playing I'm in the Lords army at a children's home a young girl who had looked very sad began smiling and clapping her hands as I was playing.

I remember praying on the way home and saying to the Lord that it had been worthwhile to take the guitar all the way to the Ukraine just to bring a smile and a moment of happiness to that young girls face.  Since I came home I felt the Lord guiding me to write songs and to date I have composed over 240 Christian songs.

The Lord has placed songs on local radio in Northern Ireland as well as UCB Ireland and radio stations in the UK ,USA ,Sweden Romania and the Philippines. The CD Thorn Upon A Rose was featured CD on Winds of Praise Broadcasting with worldwide radio airplay.

The song Audience of One was released as part of a compilation album called Building Bridges to raise funds for homeless charities worldwide. Released under Thus Records with an international cast of artistes such as Filipino artist Kichie Nadal, Vlada from Switzerland, Firefalldown (also from the Philippines), Claudia Santiago from Canada, Lebanese band Beatraid, North American hard rockers Unmasked and Honduran artists Gus n Radialband . UK artists on the CD include Andi Oakes, Throne Room, Liz Clarke, Joseph Beggs and Lisa Donnelly.

At present the Lord has  kept my profile and songs at number 1 now for over 9 months on the  all Ireland National Gospel Charts on Reverbnation.

Songs have also been featured on many internet charts internationally such as shoutlife with over 60,000 profile views to date.

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Alabama guitarist Jeff Beasley's Blog

Greetings,   I’m Alabama guitarist Jeff Beasley.  I’m honored to do a guest blog at the request of the Alabama Music Office. The focus of this posting will be some of my professional experiences as a guitarist over the past 25 years, in the hopes that I can share with you some of the qualities that can ensure success and longevity for you in the music business. First, a bit about myself; I’m a 1987 graduate of the University of North Alabama where I studied music and classical guitar. Currently I’m senior faculty for the National Guitar Workshop, senior faculty for (online guitar instruction), where I teach with Berklee (Boston), NYU, Princeton, and Dartmouth graduate instructors, and a former columnist for Premier Guitar magazine. I’m endorsed by Dean Guitars, Sierra Guitars, D’Addario Strings, THD Amps, Keeley Effects, ProCo Cables, and InTune Guitar Picks. I’ve been very fortunate to teach and perform with some of the biggest names in modern guitar, and I’ve learned quite a bit along the way…
1)     The absolute most important trait any musician will need to succeed is good character. I’ve seen far too many excellent musicians go by the way side, because they had a difficult attitude. Typically arrogance and a big ego are the biggest road blocks to success in the music business and any other business. There are exceptions to this rule but very few, and even then any chance at longevity usually evaporates. Those who have genuine success and longevity are almost always humble, grateful, hard-working, down-to-earth types.
2)     The second most important trait is a great work ethic. When I finished high school my step father asked me the proverbial “what are you going to do with your life” question. I pensively answered “I want to be a professional guitarist”! His reply was “great, then you need to be practicing your guitar 8 hours a day”. My mother then asked if I was going to attend college. I said “maybe”, she then informed me that if I decided not to attend college, I needed to move out the following day. So off to college I went to study music. I went to class approximately 2-4 hours a day and practiced my guitar 8 to 10, 12 and sometimes 16 hours a day. On the weekends I would hit every bar in Muscle Shoals, and asked to “sit in” with any band that would allow me to. By doing that, I played with some of the premier musicians in the area, and got my name around so I could play almost anywhere in town. To this day I practice 3-5 hours a day and teach 6-8 hours a day, 6 days a week. “There are no short cuts, believe me I’ve tried to find them”-Chet Atkins.
3)     Third, you’re going to have to go and get it, it’s not going to fall in your lap. Before I attained the teaching position with the National Guitar Workshop I emailed them for literally 3 years with no response.  Before I was a columnist for Premier Guitar I wrote for small, relatively unknown publications for years usually without pay. Before I attained endorsements with major companies I endorsed small companies for over 10 years. In other words I’ve had to work my way up the ladder. It’s not an overnight process and these companies are looking for someone with experience, recommendations, and that have proven themselves as dependable and hard working. You may have to endure years of seemingly “grunt” work before you ever get the opportunity to move forward. It takes time and perseverance on your part.
4)     Finally, lifestyle is a major factor in achieving your goals. Personally, I don’t drink, smoke, or use drugs. I exercise regularly, eat sensibly, and have a practicing faith in God. Most all of the major players I have met do the same. To reach your full potential requires a lot of dedication, discipline, and honesty. If your goals are lofty you’ll need every asset you can muster to achieve them. If you do manage to attain your goals as a musician you’ll find that those you’ve always looked up to have to do the same things as you. It’s not all caviar and first class travel. It’s hard work in situations that don’t make you look very “cool”, with the occasional event that does make you look that way.
Thanks to the Alabama Music Office for the opportunity to share these experiences with you!
God Bless,
Jeff Beasley
 3 videos:

The Muscle Shoals Music Association Newsletter

The Muscle Shoals Music Association Newsletter

Welcome to the MSMA Newsletter!

First of all, we would like to welcome all our new members.  Your support is needed and appreciated.

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The MSMA is sponsoring a SXSW event in Austin, TX on March 15th at Lucy's Retired Surfer's Bar.  Acts include The Pollies, The Bear, An Abstract Theory & Glossary.

photo of Lynn Williams, Mickey Buckins, Claton Ivey, Andreas Werner, Jimmy Johnson, David Hood & Spooner Oldham

International Connections

By Terry Pace

Muscle Shoals music is still influencing international artists and generating irresistible sounds for the rest of the world.

Swiss producer-songwriter Andreas Werner recently traveled to the fabled music mecca to record with engineer/studio owner Jimmy Nutt at the NuttHouse Recording Studio in downtown Sheffield.

A lifelong fan of soul, blues and R&B, Werner first met many of his Muscle Shoals musical idols when he attended the 2008 induction of the Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section and Friends into the Musicians Hall of Fame in Nashville.

“Since I’ve been at least a teenager, I’ve loved music – and for some reason I always gravitated to Muscle Shoals music,” Werner explained. “My favorite music is probably the music that came out of Muscle Shoals in the late 1960s – Aretha, Wilson, Arthur Conley and all the rest. But Eddie Hinton is probably my favorite singer, guitar player and songwriter.”

The stellar session lineup – which included Lynn Williams on drums, David Hood on bass, Mickey Buckins on percussion, Clayton Ivey and Spooner Oldham on keyboards and Jimmy Johnson on guitar, plus a special guest guitar appearance by Earl “Peanutt” Montgomery – employed Muscle Shoals’ most time-honored musical approach.

“The band cut ‘live’ in the studio,” Nutt said, “which was very cool.”

Belgian musician Jan De Vos – also known as JD Fox – recently released The Roadmaster, a CD tribute to Muscle Shoals songwriter, keyboardist and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee Spooner Oldham. The disc includes “I’m Your Puppet,” “Cry Like a Baby,” “Sweet Inspiration,” “A Woman Left Lonely,” “Feed the Flame,” “Lonely Women Make Good Lovers,” the title track and other Oldham favorites.

De Vos (whose website is describes his sound as “country soul with a European touch.”

“I recorded the album with Holland’s Sunset Travelers and traveled to the Shoals to record an additional track with Mr. Oldham himself at The NuttHouse studio,” he explained. “I am trying to find Spooner Oldham fans all over the world.”

Other recent projects with global connections include the long-awaited release of The FAME Studios Story, 1961-73 by the British-based Ace/Kent Records label. The three-disc compilation set will be followed by several subsequent releases saluting individual FAME artists. Ace/Kent also recently issued the Candi Staton collection Evidence: The Complete FAME Records Masters and Sweet Inspiration: The Songs of Dan Penn and Spooner Oldham. Their website is

Also on the international scene, a number of Muscle Shoals-related bands and artists have recently performed triumphant tours overseas, including the Civil Wars, Secret Sisters, Dylan LeBlanc, Boombox, Hannah Aldridge, the Amazing Rhythm Aces and Skinny Molly, which features Muscle Shoals musician Jay Johnson on lead guitar and backing vocals.

David's Diary 

Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section Bassist David Hood has kept all of his work diaries from the mid-sixties to the present. Because they contain information that spotlights the rich history of Muscle Shoals Music, he will share one segment of his diary in this column each month.

by David Hood
40 years ago on the 1st of February, Roger Hawkins-drums, David Hood-bass and Jimmy Johnson- sound engineer were returning from a month on the road touring with English group Traffic.
Traffic at this time also included Steve Winwood-keys, guitar and vocals; Jim Capaldi-vocals and percussion; Chris Wood-flute and sax; and Rebop Kwaku Baah congas and percussion. While on this tour Traffic recorded one of the very first music videos at the Santa Monica Civic Center. It was directed by Taylor Hackford and is still available commercially and is also a fixture on You Tube.

MSMA 2012 Board of Directors

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Rodney Hall - Vice President
Larry Bowser - Sec/Treasurer 
David Hood - Past President

Wiley Barnard
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photo of The Civil Wars

Big Deal

Alabama Shakes appear on Jay Leno

The Civil Wars receive 2 Grammys, tour UK and set to play Bonaroo

Alecia Keys records with local session players at FAME
Times Daily Article

Jason Isbell tours with Ryan Adams. Venues include Sydney Opera House.

BoomBox gets show reviewed in Jam Bands Online
Read the Review Here

Local bands play The Alabama Music unofficial SXSW showcase at Lucy's Retired Surfer Bar
facebook event
photo of David Hood and Alecia Keys

In The Studio 

Alicia Keys
Candi Staton
James LeBlanc
Randy Owen
Holli Mosley
Galilee Baptist Church Choir

@MSMM - Donnie Gullett
Travis Wammack

@The NuttHouse
Andreas Werner
Belle Adair
Gary Nichols
The Fiddleworms

Songwriter demos for Spooner Oldham, Mark Narmore, Carl Holder, John Paul White & The Secret Sisters

@Studio 144 - Jay Burgess/John Springer
Daniel Crisler
The Pollies
Abstract Theory

@G-Legacy Recording Studio and Productions
Cookie Mane
Young Mook
Dub Sacks
Fly Boys 

If you would like to be included in this column, submit your information to before the 7th of each month.
photo of Terry Pace and Lisa Socha

Pace Receives Tourism Award 

by Judy Hood

MSMA board member Terry Pace received the “Lasting Impression Award” from the Alabama Mountain Lakes Tourism Association at the PEAK recognition ceremony which was held in September at the Marriott Shoals Conference Center.      

"Serving as a host and guide for visitors, Terry Pace shares his vast understanding of the history of the famous ‘Muscle Shoals Sound” and explains the accomplishments of the musicians, producers, sound engineers, songwriters, and the numerous artists who have developed the unique musical heritage of the Muscle Shoals area. As he shares the history, he weaves the stories into a fascinating tapestry, creating a lasting impression on guests."

We congratulate Terry on this well-deserved honor and we appreciate all that he does to promote Muscle Shoals music.


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