Saturday, June 9, 2012

The Boxing Lesson at The Nick Birmingham June 23

The Boxing Lesson, a psychedelic progressive rock band from Austin, TX that will be performing at The Nick in Birmingham, AL on Saturday, June 23.   This is a band that does their own promotion and seem to be doing very well at it.  Here's a quote from a recent article in the Dallas Morning News: 

“We get to make all of our own decisions, creatively or otherwise, but it’s tougher because there’s no machine supporting us financially,” he said. “This band is totally indie which means that we do the management, PR, merch creation, booking, songwriting, packaging and releasing of all of our material. There’s a lot of power in that.”

Here is the PR info they sent out.

Currently a power trio with synthesizers performing the bass player's role, they create a mammoth layered sound that usually starts minimally and builds into grand orchestrations. The band's recent 7inch vinyl release called "Health is the New Drug" sports a new raw sound for 2012. Also have a new Daytrotter session that posted recently and sounds excellent.  The Boxing Lesson is heading out on a 20 date midwest/east-coast tour in June that leads up to NXNE in Toronto and the New Music Seminar in NYC. I've included all the info you need to preview this band's music. Thanks for your consideration, we are excited to come through Birmingham next month!

Paul Waclawsky

"Relying on MOOG for bottom end and tons of sonic noise, the songs blend Meddle-era Floyd guitar freak-outs with M83 propulsion, Spiritualized soul space jams with Texas rock ’n’ roll thunder." Creative Loafing Charlotte

NEW DAYTROTTER Session - May 3, 2012:!/concert/the-boxing-lesson/20055077-3737825

NEW RELEASE: "Health is the New Drug" 7-inch vinyl
Produced by Chris Frenchie Smith
(Toadies, The Darkness, Trail of Dead, Jet)
***DOWNLOAD digital 7inch (mp3s) via Soundcloud
Side A - Health is the New Drug
Side B - Better Daze

"Seriously, "Health is the New Drug" is the best song we've heard this year." - Houston Press

"This trio is kicking off the year sporting "Health Is The New Drug." It's the first track being released from the upcoming 2012 LP produced by Chris "Frenchie" Smith (Trail of Dead, Meat Puppets, Ume). The song features psychedelic guitar riffs, a wall of synthesizers, and a few words of wisdom (or caution). If you take a closer examination of the song title and lyrics, you could ask yourself if the lengths to which we try to do what's good for ourselves is actually just causing more harm. My health advice? Eat your fruits and veggies, go to a show and don't forget to wear your earplugs. -Side One Track One

2012 Tour Press Highlights

Entire Catalog/Bandcamp:

Dark Side of the Moog animated video:
Muerta Video:

"Well, the Boxing Lesson nails it on “Muerta.” Pink Floyd influences the music but there is more to their sound than a Floyd fixation. Elements of M83, the “Northern Soul”-period of The Verve, and the adventurousness of Ponytail all are present here. The effects-laden guitar weaves in and out of the soaring Moog parts, creating a sonic landscape that draws the listener in from the first sound. Muerta has to be in my Top 10 for the year. There is just nothing like it out there." Jim Sells (Vivogig)

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