Monday, July 2, 2012

Tangent Music Group (Birmingham)

Tangent Music Group is an independent music production and artist development company founded by producer Ben Trexel and based in Birmingham, Alabama. After 3 year stints at Airwave Production Group, Audiostate 55 Studios, and Workplay, Trexel formed Tangent Music Group in 2007. While at Airwave, Trexel engineered and mixed the renowned Live In The X-Lounge I and II. While at Workplay, Trexel produced dozens of live recordings and studio projects including the PBS documentary “Mr. Dial Has Something to Say,” and Train’s Live album.

Current News: July, 2012 finds Tangent Music Group releasing two debut albums; one from hard rock/soul singer Amacio Favor entitled BREAKOUT, and the other from Tokyo based alternative rockers What’s Up entitled WE ARE WHAT’S UP. Also this month, Tangent will relocate its operations to the renowned WORKPLAY complex on Birmingham’s southside. For those not familiar with Workplay, it is a multi-function entertainment complex with a 450 seat theatre, bar, recording studios, offices, and a large soundstage suitable for concerts, film production, and events.

Coming Up: On July 19, the Workplay Bar and Tangent Music Group will present a listening party for Amacio Favor’s debut CD from 7:00 until 8:00 pm. This event will also serve as a “meet and greet” for music fans and musicians to become acquainted with Tangent Music Group’s new operations at Workplay. Two days following, on July 21, Amacio Favor will play a live concert at Workplay as the opening act for Abandon August.

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