Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

The Benefits Of Playing An Instrument

We learn to play musical instruments for a variety of reasons. For some, it's a
hobby and passion; for others, music is a career. But did you know that there are
benefits to playing a musical instrument that go far beyond the joy it brings? Take
a look at what playing an instrument can do for you:

 Research indicates that music in any form, whether you're listening to an
instrument or playing one, is a brain stimulant and increases memory capacity with
long lasting effects.

 Learning a musical instrument requires that you spend quality time on practice.
This automatically helps you organise and manage your time more effectively.

 Practice makes perfect. As any musician will tell you, it takes considerable time
and tremendous perseverance to hang in there until you master what you are working
on, a lesson that all of us could use in life!

 Hand-to-eye coordination is an essential skill needed to play a musical instrument,
an excellent way to perform mental calisthenics and keep those grey cells humming
well into old age!

 When you learn a particular musical genre, classical, rock, folk music and others,
you also begin to appreciate its origins and the culture it sprang from.

 Playing a musical instrument increases your powers of concentration. When playing
by yourself, you focus on rhythm, pitch, sound quality and tempo. Playing with a
group further enhances concentration as you train yourself to listen to others and
play in sync with them.

 Picking out notes on a piano or gently strumming a guitar is a great stress-buster.

 Learning to play a musical instrument boosts your sense of self-worth as you
proceed from the initial effort to understand the basics of music towards mastery
of increasing levels of difficulty.

 Attending music classes is a good way to acquire more social skills. Your shared
interest helps in developing warm friendships with a variety of people.

 Learning to play a musical instrument imposes its own discipline, a great way to
turn recalcitrant kids around!

 One reason for learning to play a musical instrument is to perform on stage.
Playing with a group helps you overcome stage fright. Practice and discipline
further reduce the fear of performing in public.

 There's a sense of delight in playing a musical instrument that's quite
inexplicable. Equally gratifying is the experience of playing for others and seeing
the happiness that you have generated.

 Whether or not you have an inborn talent, learning to play a musical instrument can
be an extremely satisfying activity with a host of unexpected spinoffs. Buy a
musical instrument of your choice, sign up for classes and watch how life changes!

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