Friday, June 7, 2013

The Power of Positive Persistence

by Kirsti Manna
kirstimannaHappy Summer! Well, almost anyway. Memorial Day is always the beginning of summer to me. When I was a kid, it meant only a few more weeks of school. Remember the countdown until the last day of school? When I think about it, I still get the magical, happy feeling of anticipation that summertime always gave me back then.
What gives you that kind of feeling? Now that I’m all grown up (relatively speaking), I can still visualize something I’m anticipating and be filled with excitement and joy.
I like to think of it as the power of positive persistence.
My mom always taught my sister and I to think on the positive side. And that gets harder to do as we go through life meeting disappointments and let downs. I believe the power of positive thinking takes practice and persistence. You have to work at it, finding the good in the bad, the acceptance in rejection and the unexpected in the unexpected.
And I think the power of positive persistence goes for being creative as well. If there was ever a time to use positive persistence, it is when you have hit a wall with your art.
One Day at a Time
If you crave being creative, but don’t have lots of time everyday, don’t worry about writing the world’s greatest song in one sitting. Work out a schedule where you have time, even if it is only 15 minutes during your lunch break, to spend positive energy on your creation. You will have a better attitude at the end of the week because you will have created momentum in the consistency.
Plant the Seeds, Don’t Forget to Water
Think of positive thoughts like seeds that are planted in your mind, heart and soul. Now, it is your job to “water them daily” by persistently putting these positive thoughts into action. Soon you will enjoy the “fruits” of your positivity!
Constant Craving
When you get into the habit of practicing positive persistence, you will begin to notice the effect it has on your life and your creativity. You will crave the feeling of joy in having created something that could be moving or helpful to another human being. You will crave the true happiness that positivity has on your life and those around you.
And let’s face it, the world doesn’t always support the positive or the positive thinking person. You can be a part of changing that! Try responding to negativity with a smile, a kind gesture or words or do something crazy that makes someone’s day! (Maybe break into your latest song, I dare you!)
I hope you will practice the power of positive persistence in your life and your music.
Please write to me and share what experiences with “accentuating the positive.”
Whatever you do, stay inspired!
Love and success,
About Kirsti Manna
Kirsti’s 6 week number 1 smash hit “Austin” introduced Blake Shelton (of NBC’s “The Voice”) to country radio. She is a dynamic performer/speaker and founder of Songwriter Girl.
She’s also the co-writer/co-publisher for Big & Rich’s rock-in hit, “Loud” (WB/Nashville) which is the theme song for CMT’s, ” Gone Country” and has been used in everything from video games (EA NASCAR 2008), to Nike NFL ads. Artists such as Gretchen Wilson (Sony/Nashville), Colt Prather (Sony/Nashville), Cowboy Crush (Curb/Nashville) and many others have recorded Kirsti’s songs which have been heard around the world in such places as ESPN, “The Tonight Show,” “The David Letterman Show,” “Friday Night Lights,” and “Dance Wars.”
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